6 Things to Consider While Buying Walkie-Talkie App

23 Mar

Are you planning to buy a walkie-talkie app for business? Well, you requirement may be very different from the normal users. In a professional setting where the number of co-workers is large, and there are too many departments’ additional features may be required. In the market, you may find many apps, but not all are business ready.  The features that are important for the business users may not be there is the commonly available walkie-talkie app. Now let’s take a look at some of the common features that may be there:

1-Negligible Transmission Time

One of the main reasons walkie-talkie apps are being used is because of their instantaneous response.  They are built to be quick and live, and they should operate in instant mode. It means that the sender need not finish the entire message even before the receiver can hear him. There are numerous best walkie-talkie apps that don’t operate in instant mode you have to first check this first requirement. Normally, once the sender starts speaking, the receiver should be able to hear what they second in less than two seconds. As the speeds may vary for each app so just them how they perform.

2-Broadcast Count

For business usage, you’ll probably need the group broadcast. You have to make sure that the maximum group size can be at least 50 people and that all fifty people receive the messages at about the same time. According to the industry maximum difference should be two seconds.

3-Private Mode

When you migrate from traditional walkie-talkies to smart walkie-talkies is that you have a private mode. Using the mode allows you to just talk to one person. The private model increases the privacy. It also makes sure that the noise from other people is not disturbing you. The feature is most useful when you have to discuss something of importance and that too very much private as well.

4-Phone Buttons as PTT

You should be able to use one of the phone buttons as PTT.  It is very important as then you will be able to save a lot of time in opening and then pressing the on-screen buttons. The feature is very useful in those circumstances where the user is operating in a wet environment or when he is working with gloves on and may not be in a position to operate the screen. In this way, the user will be able to operate the PTT phones without having to touch the screen.

5-Support Headset

If you happen to be an event organizer or hotel staff, it is very important to have headset support. The use of headset makes sure that you maintain the privacy of the operations and maintain a highly professional image. A key feature to look at is to allow the push-to-talk headset button. The other things that you may look for are Bluetooth headset support. You should also be able to change channels with the help of headset.

6-Availability of Desktop Version

It is not necessary that all the co-workers may be using Mobile-Phone. If you have a transport company, you might be having operations support in the office and also behind the desk. Those people sitting on the desk or who already have a desktop or the laptop may be more into support than making use of a PTT device for talking. But if you are planning for one just look for a desktop version as well. It enables them to communicate with the help of PTT, and they can send text messages and emails from the seat.


Your walkie-talkie app should have this feature to make sure that it meets all the requirements of the team.

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