4 Reasons to Make Responsive Emails a Part of your Email Marketing Campaign

The rise in the number of mobile device users has made it critical for businesses to make responsive design a part of their email strategy. Irrespective of how impressive the email is designed, all your efforts might go in vain if it doesn’t fit the screen properly or fails to render properly on a smartphone. To make sure that your recipients do not unsubscribe or delete the email, it becomes imperative to make it responsive. Having said that, let’s look at some of the benefits of responsive email design.

Better User Experience

Incorporating responsive design means making it easier for recipients to access the email, even if they are on the go. Navigation becomes easy, as there is no need to zoom in or out the email. When CTAs are clearer, more prominent and adequately spaced, the reader can quickly click on them to navigate to another window.

2. Increased Sales

If you are successful in getting the attention of the reader, the possibility of them preferring to purchase their mobile device increases. Because responsive emails render properly on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices, they create a good impression of your business, and earn the trust of the recipients, resulting in sales.

3. Higher CTR

As responsive emails are more powerful and effective than scalable and fluid email, they have a higher click-through-rate than non-responsive emails. Though they might be a little difficult to implement, the end result is always a higher CTR.

4. Lesser Unsubscribe Rate

Almost 30 percent of recipients unsubscribe an email that doesn’t display well on their mobile. Moreover, if the reader is unable to view the email properly on their devices that have a small screen, they might report or mark the mail as spam. A responsive email design will reduce the unsubscribe rate.

Final Words

Poor formatting and rendering can kill your email marketing campaign. It is, therefore, essential to keep readability and first-impression in mind when designing an email. This is where responsive email fills in the gap. There are responsive email builders that make it easier for users to create responsive HTML emails in less time. A robust email builder will not have HTML coding and email testing requirements. Most of them have simple drag and drop interface, and many templates to choose from. The entire process saves your time, while ensuring a high email marketing success rate.

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