Are you with the right MPLS provider? Keep these factors in mind!

27 Aug

If you are global business then connectivity forms the very backbone of your business. What you need is a reliable and fast communication network to work and grow.

MPLS Link is a complete solution that offers a communication network which is reliable, fast, flexible and cost-effective. The many benefits of MPLS connectivity is driving many businesses to consider switching to this kind of networks. But when you consider an MPLS provider keep these things in mind:


If you are a dispersed business then you will want to know about the coverage of the servicer provider. Is the provider present in all the locations where you need? Is the provider able to offer international connectivity/coverage as well? In fact, it is the coverage which impacts the issues like latency, jitter, resilience and the costs as well.


When the networks are complex, they need to be monitored consistently. Proactive management can lead to reduced costs and there will no downtime and the security will be enhanced as well. You will have to see the details to find out how the network will be monitored and whether managed services will be provided? It is also very much needed to free up your team so that they can pay attention to other key area of the business.


The security capabilities of MPLS service provider has to be closely observed. You will have to make sure that the provider is able to support and monitor the   entire network closely and provide the experts who are able to monitor the entire network closely.


The next thing that you have to see is the SLAs that are signed by the provider. Most experienced service providers who have the proven capabilities are always ready to back their services by the SLAs. And it is really good thing to compare the SLAs of the different providers. You should also check their existing clients and then check the references to evaluate the performance.

QoS and Classes of Services

The businesses need to understand the classes of the services offered by the provider. The way the carrier prioritises the traffic affects the quality of service. It is very much needed to make sure that you get the service in accordance of the business needs.

In the End

Before you go for that MPLS link, keep these things well in mind to make sure that you have the best business provider.

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