5 Common Mistakes People Make When Looking for an Immigration Agency

Do you want to settle in Vancouver, Canada? Settling in Canada or any other country is not that easy. The legal process includes a lot of paperwork and other requirements related to the visa application process. Therefore, you should look for an immigration agency that can help you handle all the process easily. Many people, however, make some common mistakes when they search for immigration agency. You should be careful enough and avoid these mistakes to settle in Canada.

Let’s discuss here the most common mistakes people make when looking out for a professional and reliable immigration agency in Vancouver, Canada.

1. Licensed Attorney

In most cases, people forget to make sure whether the attorney they are hiring is authorized or not. One of the critical factors to consider while searching for an immigration agency is to make sure whether it has licensed attorney. You should always look for licensed legal experts who are a member of the Immigration Lawyers Association of the specific country.

2. Working Experience

Unlike like others, don’t take this point lightly. You may have met people who spend a good amount of money, but their agency couldn’t help them properly and delay the visa process. This can be due to unestablished and inexperienced lawyers they have hired.

You need to be aware of the working experience of the attorney who is going to work for you. Make sure the agency you have chosen is providing you an experienced and knowledgeable immigration lawyer. Focus on his or her knowledge about the immigration law of Canada.

3. Good Reputation

An established and professional immigration firm has a good reputation. They’re known popular and recommended by many. Don’t make the mistake of sideling the status of the agency. You should consider choosing immigration firm that has good reputation in the market. It’s good to collect reviews about the particular attorney who is likely to work for you.

4. Connection

Many people also make the mistake of misjudging their lawyer. They fail to gauge whether the immigration agency has a good relationship with government prosecutors. It’s advisable to look for those attorneys that have developed a strong connection with renowned personalities and government prosecutors within the jurisdiction.

5. Online Presence

Don’t be traditional and adopt an age-old method of finding an immigration agency in Vancouver. All good companies have an online presence. Look for immigration firms that are present online. You can contact them via emails; ask about the particular lawyer who would be working with you. You can also check the agency’s status online anytime anywhere.


To get informed about your visa application process, it’s good to avoid the mistakes people make commonly. Choose immigration firms that have experienced staffs and are known for providing updates about the application process on a regular basis. Such agencies backed by an experienced attorney can help you handle all the legal process successfully.

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