5 Mistakes That May Derail Your Canada Immigration Plan

Many immigration programs are running in Canada, and each of the programs has its benefit.  Although CIC makes sure that the requirements are clear, still many applications are returned and rejected due to mistakes. Often these mistakes are accidental and can be corrected when the application is resubmitted. There are times when the mistakes can result in senior repercussions may even put an end to the Canadian immigration.

Inconsistency in Personal and Education

When making an application, you may have to provide the details about the travel history, personal history, etc. And if there is an issue, then you will have to explain. It is where an immigration consultant in Vancouver may help.

Lower Language Test Scores

Most permanent residency programs want proficiency in English or French.  To this end, the applicant will have to get the minimum score which makes them eligible for migration. If the score is not met, you will not be able to make the application. Thus it is much needed that you double-check the eligibility of the program and make sure that you meet the minimal level of score.

Listing of Ineligible Dependents

While making the applications for Canadian permanent residency, only spouses, the law partners and kids whether biological or legally adopted are listed as dependents by the principal applicant. But certain applicants don’t understand this requirements and list dependents like parents, siblings as dependents. Such additions will end up delaying the application and may slow down the processing time.

Non-Compliant Employment Letters

In most of the programs, the applicant will have to prove the work-experience by way of employment letter.  These letters provide the key information about the kind the employment the applicant had. Such letters should have the information about the position held, hours, the salary and the working conditions, description of the job duties.

Hiring an unauthorized representative

To reduce the mistakes in the application, you should hire an authorized representative for help. But when you hire an unauthorized one you may end lowering the chances of getting a visa.


Want to ensure that your application is processed successfully? You should hire an immigrant consultant in Vancouver.

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