What is the Age Criteria to Apply for a Student Visa in Canada?

Canada is widely known for imparting quality education. Some of the basic reasons why students choose Canada for education are that degrees and qualifications are valued around the world, affordable education option, multicultural society, healthy and safe communities, world-class language education, exciting campus lifestyle, possibility of immigration, innovative and abundant research opportunities.

These are some of the main reasons many international students want to enroll in universities or colleges in Canada. As the most popular destination for abroad education, the country has certain terms and conditions to provide education. Therefore, if you want to study here, you need to obtain a Canadian study permit which serves as Canadian student visa. Here are some facts about age limit for student’s visa application you should know before applying.

Student Visa in Canada

There are several myths about age limit. So, before you apply for a student visa in Canada, you should know about its facts. You should know that a person with the age of 49 can also apply. There are six selection criteria for obtaining visa to study in Canada.

You can apply for a student visa in Canada only when you want to study vocation course (2 years), a college-degree course or want to do pursue doctorate. To be eligible for attaining the visa, it is also important for you to be comfortable in speaking and writing either the English language or French.

To be selected under the FSW program, candidates with sufficient work experience and language proficiency must accumulate a minimum of 67 points on the skilled worker selection grid. It allocates points for language, education, age, employment experience, arranged Canadian employment and adaptability.

  • For education maximum points is 25.
  • If you have average  in English or French language, minimum threshold of 16 points and maximum 28 points
  •  If you want to pursue a new program, you need to archive a minimum 1-year to qualify and the maximum is 6-years.
  • Candidates between 18 and 35 years are allotted up to 12 points.
  • If you are above the age of 35, one point is reduced; no point is awarded to those with the age 47.

There are many other criterial to obtain a student visa in Canada. And, it’s not easy for everyone one to meet the requirements as there are many other criterial. It is advisable to find an immigration lawyer in Vancouver, Canada. An experienced and professional lawyer can only help you meet the requirements of obtaining the visa. You can find immigration lawyers online.

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