3 Key Features to Look In an Electric Bike

If you are looking at buying an electric bike, you may be looking at climbing efficiency or may be looking to overcome wind resistance and want to look for better range. If you are experiencing knee pain or suffering from exercise-induced asthma, e-bike may breathe new life in you sporting efforts. Besides offering the traditional benefits of the bicycle, an e-bike also offers cost-efficiency and also health benefits. There are many things that you have to consider before you chose the right one for yourself (compare Halfords electric bikes with for instance Cycloticity)

1-Type of Motor Mount

When it comes to motors they are available in two main types. Either it may be motor mounted on one of the wheels which is known as hub motor assist. Another variant is crank motor assist which is mounted at the crank and the pedal area. They have a sensor that detects how hard you need to pedal so that bike may offer assistance accordingly. They have a reputation of doing well on the hills but are slightly noisy. Hub motor assist are quieter but then they may be slightly noisy.

2-Battery & its Longevity

Most common type of batteries is Lithium-Ion, so there is hardly any surprise if you find them. But expensive bikes may have higher tech-batteries that get charged in no time and they last a lot longer. Typical batteries that are mounted usually last 800 full charge cycles but your battery may last longer depending on the use of the bike. A fully charged battery usually lasts three to six hours, but it largely depends on battery capacity and battery chemistry.

3-Range of Bike

It is the distance the bike travels in one charge and is considered as one of the most important specification. You will surely don’t want that your bike runs out of power in between. Without power e-bike is just another bike. There are many factors on which the range depends it is battery capacity speed and profile of the battery. It is pretty obvious that you should be going for the bike that comes with a higher range as the range may drop once the battery ages.

In The End

Many features come in to play but when you go for Halfords electric bikes or other leading names just make sure that you are choosing the best one.

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