How to Choose an Electric Bike Kit?

An electric bike kit also known as a bike conversion kit, comprises of a set of devices required to change a traditional bike into an electric bike. Generally, the conversion kits should not have a motor with a power more than 250W, though the high power bikes are available in the market, and the motor is usually powered with the help of a rechargeable battery.

Choosing an electric bike kit is not that simple and there are many things to consider before the deciding the best e-bike conversion kit:

  • Compatibility: The first thing to consider is the compatibility with your preferred bike. There are electric bikes that require free space on various points of frame, like the center of the frame. Usually, the manufacturers give accurate information on space and frame requirements, and if there are no details specified on the kit it is probably not worth investing in it.

  • Strength of Bike: Since an e-bike conversion kit will add a few pounds of extra weight, so you must make sure that your bike can support it. Moreover, attention should be paid to the strength of the frame in particular and bike in general.

  • Customer Service: Thirdly, you should also consider the customer service offered by the manufacturer and also the availability of service points that you can immediately contact with for the maintenance of the kit. Just bear in mind, that you will need to replace the battery every two or three years, or you might require the support if the unit breaks down.

  • Trusted Brand: It is very essential to choose the kit manufactured by a trusted brand. This is important with respect to the spare parts and also the warranty of the products. However, a random company with low-quality electric bicycle kits might leave you with a bad engine or no spare parts.

Remember, that if the kit does not properly fits on your bike, or badly mounted, it might break in a short period of time, thus becoming useless. Moreover, most of the manufacturers suggest the mounting by trusted service providers and in some instances; you might even lose warranty if you mounted the electric bike kit by yourself.

You can start riding an electric bike as a prime mode of transportation because of two factors: having fun and cutting the costs. But if we ponder over the environmental benefits, they are undeniable.

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