Coloring Your Hair for the First Time? Things You Should Know

Are you coloring your hair for the first time? Then it must be intimidating. No matter, what is the length of your hair or what color you are going to put on your hair, there are a few things about the process which will never change.

Presenting some important things about hair coloring which we collected by networking some of the best hair colorists in Brooklyn.

Things can make color fade

There are certain factors which can make your hair color fade faster than usual, like sun, using regular shampoo and conditioner and frequent wash. If you wish to protect your hair color, keep them protected against sun and use shampoo and conditioners, specially created for dyed hair.

You will need touch-ups

Even if you take immense care of your hair, fading is inevitable as your hair grows around half-an-inch every month. So, to look fabulous and keep your hair color effect intact, you will have to get the roots redone in every 6-8 weeks. If you don’t have sufficient time to get it done, it is advisable to stick to the color as closer as to your natural shade. It will prevent your roots from becoming noticeable, and you will only need to worry about them once or twice a year.

For best results get a consultation

For best results, your hair colorist must understand what you need and how s/he can fulfill it. To remain on the same page as that of your colorist, book a consultation before you go for an actual appointment. You can discuss many factors, like actual hair color, what shade will suit your hair and face, how much time will it take and so on. It is very difficult to achieve a certain look you have in mind when things are not discussed.

Bring picture of the color

The catalogue of the color shade for hair might confuse you as they are filled with countless options. So, if you have a color in mind, do bring the picture. Your definition of burgundy can be different from that of your colorist. Pictures are great to ensure that your colorists are going to work to produce the desired look.

Use a clarifying shampoo pre-hair color

Clarifying shampoo deep cleanses your hair and removes stubborn buildup from your hair. So, using it before applying the dye will give a nice, clean surface to apply color. It will help your shade last longer.

Follow these steps, and you are ready for a hair color. 

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