Helpful Tricks to Simplify Your Daily Math Problems

You can see young students struggling to understand the core concepts of mathematics. It’s difficult for them to achieve success at higher levels of mathematics education. In some cases, when these students fail to master at the primary levels, they become discouraged, and math turns out to be their hated subject. They aren’t interested in pursuing more advanced match course later on.

However, it should be like this.

Here are some helpful methods you or your kids can use to solve daily math problems.

Left to Right Formula

Always remember how your teachers teach you in school to add and subtract numbers from right to left. That’s fin when you do math with your pencil and paper. However, when it comes to doing metal’s math, it’s better to perform it moving from left to right. By this way, you will begin with the largest values. This’s easier to figure out.

Suppose, you have to add 69 to 35, think about its first column (60+30) to calculate –

60+30 = 90

                                             Then                                   9+5 = 14

                                              Add them together              = 104

Make It Easy

When difficult calculation comes, ease it yourself by temporarily shifting the values around.

For instance, assume that you have to calculate 472+580.

In such a situation, add 8 to 472 to get 500, which is more manageable.

Then, calculate 500 + 580. The result is 1080. Now, take away that extra 8 to get the correct answer, 1072.

Cool Multiplication Tricks

To simply multiplication, it’s important to remember some smart tricks. Among the obvious rules is that when you multiply any number by 10, just have a zero placed at the end.

For example,

Suppose you have to multiply 6 by 10, then place zero after 6, i.e. 60.

When you need to multiply a number by 12, the answer is also 10 times plus two times that number.

For example,

Calculate 12 x 5

You need to do – 10 x 5 = 50

Then,                       5 x 2 = 10

And then,            50 + 10 = 10

When multiplying a number by 15, just multiply that number by 10 and add half of to the answer.

For example, multiply 15 x 7

First, multiply 7 x 10 = 70, and add 35 (half of the answer) to the answer. 70 + 35 = 105

To conclude, there are many other tricks you students should learn to simplify their daily Math problems.

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